Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saved by the Bell

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I may or may not write a scene into one of my stories/novels about a character who has been sick, is feeling run-down. She develops a sudden case of severe diarrhea and on her way to the bathroom, has an "accident," slips and falls in the floor.

She begins to sob, feeling like surely this is the lowest point in her life. She is exhausted, in pain, swollen, miserable. Now on top of all that, she has a big mess to clean which she certainly does not feel "up" to dealing with but has no choice. And the indignity! Is there truly any point in even trying any more, she wonders. Just let me die right here and now.

Just then, the incoming text signal on her cell phone goes off. She glances at the screen. The message is from her ex. "Just wanted to say hello and hope you are doing well." 

This triggers a near-hysterical reaction whereby she dissolves into helpless giggles. The Universe is so clever! She can think of nothing else that would cause her to rally and pull herself together quicker or more effectively. Sheer stubborn pride takes over and she texts back a simple "Thank you." 

Now she finds the strength to pull herself together and do what must be done. Somewhere, a goddess smiles. 

This may or may not be a true story.~~GH

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