Thursday, June 06, 2013

Prom Date, Part I

This is Part One of a four-part series. I thought I'd try something new and see how it flies. Let me know what you think. Do you like the idea of an ongoing story? ~~GH

Prom Date, Part I

It all began in May 1975. I had dated the same man throughout my senior year. His name was Jay. He drove a green Gremlin, worked as an engineer at a local chemical plant, and was 25. 

I had never attended a prom -- I purposefully waited until my senior year because I wanted it to be unique and laden with meaning. Two weeks before prom day, Jay informed me he'd decided he couldn't go to my prom. "I'm too old, Ginger," he explained. "It would be like you going to a kindergarten party. I'd just feel out of place."

Far be it from me to beg somebody to do something they feel is beneath them.

I told Jay I fully understood, then calmly told him that if he was too old to share something that meaningful in my life, he most certainly was too old for me, thus ending a nine-month-long fairly mutually positive relationship up until that moment.

So what the hell was I going to do for a prom date?? 
[Continued tomorrow]


Anonymous said...

Love it so far. Jim ypsi

Ginger said...

Thanks, Jim. Glad you're enjoying it, and thanks for stopping by.

Best regards,