Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Faith Healer (Joke)

This isn't something I wrote. It's an old country story that cheered me up today, and I thought it might give you a smile or two, also.

There were these two brothers who lived way out in the country. Their names were Homer and Gomer. Homer hobbled around on a crutch because he had been lame since he was a small boy.  Gomer couldn't talk plain, he sounded like someone was trying to saw through a coffee can or something.

Anyway, one day a faith healer came to town. He was an energetic man, he whooped and hollered and preached and praised Jesus till the sweat was dripping off of him. He urged the audience to come up and be healed, not to wait another moment longer for the healing power of Jesus.

So a member of the audience would come up to the stage and the healer would ask what was ailing them. Then he sent them behind the curtain and would beseech Jesus to heal the ailing person behind the curtain.  Next thing you know, he yelled, "Lord Jesus, please see to it to heal your child behind this here curtain!" The person came out from behind the curtain and they were healed!

So one evening, Homer and Gomer decided to go down for the preaching because there wasn't anything else going on interesting that night. The people got to shouting and hollering at the preacher and asked him to please heal Homer and Gomer.  Well, finally, the two brothers went up on stage.

 Homer told the preacher what was wrong with him, and the preacher declared, "you is lame, my brother, go behind the curtain and be healed." Then ole Gomer told the preacher what was wrong with him, and he hollered, "you can't speak plain, can you, my brother? Get behind the curtain and be healed."

 So now the preacher preached at a fever pitch, he did. He implored that Jesus Christ heal these brothers. He begged him to show his precious healing love to these two brothers beyond the curtain. He beseeched Christ to take away their afflictions.

"Homer!" the preacher shouted, "Throw away those crutches!"  Out from behind the curtain came those crutches and boy did they make a big noise when they hit the stage.

"Gomer!" the preacher yelled, "Say something!"

In a voice that sounded like a cross between a rusty barn door hinge and a gun shot dog, Gomer yelled out, "Homer fell down!!!" ~~GH

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