Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A Fairy Tale Love

I took one of those time waster quizzes (What Kind of Love Will You Get?) and my result was "A Fairy Tale Love."

So I decided to define that. Here are my results:

Combine deceit, treachery, and drudgery with a generous helping of imprisonment, isolation, and confinement. Mix well with unrealistic expectations, unavoidable interactions with hostile predatory animals, and a portion of powerful, jealous, and envious stepmother. 

Bake in a medium oven by an inattentive if well-intentioned fairy godmother until a knife-tip comes out clean when inserted near the center. Allow to cool completely before frosting. Decorate with spun-sugared violets. Makes an attractive gift for a younger woman but is less appreciated as Time passes.

Serving: Generous portions are de rigeur -- this is not a pastry to nibble -- and should be consumed with great abandonment and total commitment. ~ GH

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