Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Repeating resolutions I made for 2005. Note: These are copyright by Ginger Hamilton Caudill. All rights reserved.

My spiritual self
I resolve to continue my spiritual journey, receptive to gifts along the path. I will welcome gifts with open arms.

My creative self
I resolve to allow my creative expression the freedom and space it asks in order to fully articulate itself. I will indulge the muse.

My physical self
I resolve to respect my physical being and treat it at least as well as I do my other antiques. I will care for my body.

My relationship self
I resolve to remain true to myself while considering others’ feelings and desires. I will respect myself and be treated with respect.

1 comment:

yvette flis said...

Great resolutions, Ginger. Best new year to you!