Monday, January 02, 2012

Voicemail Hell

I made it through 48 hours of not smoking. Had a small episode of tearfulness and irritability when I realized I'd lost my wallet and we were not going to find it, ever again. I called one of my card companies to cancel my card and have a new one issued, and fell into Voicemail Hell. For some reason, as soon as the "System" determined who I was, it transferred me to a dead voicemail link. I called and got lost in the "System" four times before figuring out how to contact a "Human Being," who then informed me the "System" had my mailing address wrong and I needed to wait until tomorrow and phone the local office so they could change my mailing address in the "System."

The minute that I disconnected from this phone call, my husband found my wallet between the front seats of the car.

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