Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mad as Hell

I read about an instance where a theater reviewer exceeded his limit to tolerate unacceptable behavior, and took action. I was pleased that the slant of the article was in support of his action, as opposed to being critical of it. It is heartening to see the U.S. finding its backbone.

I recently reached a point of no return in Kroger. There seem to always be "that person" who stops their cart cross-ways in the aisle, or stands blocking half the aisle gaping at the shelf, oblivious to people trying to move past. I expect that. 

But on this particular day, it was as if the store was holding a class reunion for all these people at one time. Every person I came upon blocked my path and did not respond to moving aside at an "excuse me" or accommodating me at all. Person after person. By the fifteenth or so incident, I had had it. I began verbally letting people know they were blocking me and I didn't appreciate it. 

My youngest was with me and was aghast. "Mom, you were rude." (I am not generally rude). I asked her, "So, we are using a common area intended for multiple people's enjoyment, and they are preventing me from using and enjoying it, and when I point out their behavior, that makes *me* rude? I think not." I further explained that if society falls down on teaching and maintaining acceptable public standards, it is up to members of society to step in and restore order lest chaos ensue.

I also pointed out that she would have difficulty pulling this off by virtue of her tender years, but I am old enough that my behavior could be partially excused as me being a grumpy old woman, but I still had the authority to do it.

So more power to the man who tossed the cell phone after the woman was so horribly rude and inconsiderate and refused to follow community guidelines for use of a common area. Be who you want at home. Rules be damned. When you're in a common area, there are reasons for most rules. ~~GH

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