Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wake-up Call

Had a rare glimpse into an alternate reality first thing recently. Woke up to an insistent Timmy's-in-the-well caliber concert of caterwauling and wondered if the place was on fire. Turns out the last time I closed the door, I must have somehow neglected to engage the catch. 

Momma had pushed it open, and weaved around at the side of my bed, screaming that my presence was required. Neow. 

I was relieved the "worst" had not happened (Momma used to piss on the ex's pillow, and I feared she would repeat the behavior if allowed in my bedroom. Cats have long memories). I was surprised that she hadn't jumped up on the bed. 

But yeah, dragging myself out of a deep sleep to the sound of a shrieking, insistent feline is not my wake-up call of choice, so the door shall remain closed with her on the other side per usual from now on. ~~GH



Just read some of your blogs. Enjoyed immensely. Thanks for inviting us in. Love your posts about Mama. She's a determined cuss. Or am I pegging her wrong???
Anyway like your slant on life.
Interesting. Hugs! B

Ginger said...

Thanks, B!

Yes, Momma is determined. She has her routines and ne'er shall her ways diverge. She considers me pitiful staff, but decent help is so hard to come by these days! I'm just fortunate she puts up with me.

Thanks for reading and commenting! :)